Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011


This is a short report about a web 2.0 app I recently discovered. It's called Fasterplan and helps you to organize stuff. In my case I found it to be extremely useful for our weekly basketball games. We always had trouble to find the right amount of people, and usually we did it like this: somebody started an email where he put a list of people which were sure to come. Then, everybody else should put his name on that list. Of course, this meant that more than ten emails were sent around until enough people were found.

With Fasterplan, this is much easier now: I created a so-called Fasterplan billboard (no sign-up was required), in which we placed a poll. Besides polls, things like finding a common date or just leaving a text message can be put to the billboard. The URL of the billboard was sent to everybody else who was supposed to participate. Everybody who has the link to the billboard is free to edit it. He can put his name on the list, leave text messages, put images etc. ... anything that could be useful.

I could imagine Fasterplan to be useful for a bunch of other things. Maybe you have any ideas? Let me know!

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